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Claire Sorlie

Claire called started out as a "self taught nutritionist" when Western medicine was failing her. In 2014 Claire was in college and started experiencing horrible digestive issues, constipation and daily bloating. She spent hours on the researching, listening to podcasts by practitioners and watching hundreds of YouTube videos to try and find some kind of natural remedy to heal her. Once Claire began reintroducing meat, eggs and balancing out her macro-nutrients with more healthy fats, she started to feel like herself again! Through her two nutrition certifications she's expanded her knowledge to include high quality supplements, lifestyle changes, toxic exposure reduction and Functional Blood Chemistry. Claire was also mentored by Sharon Brown, Clinical Nutritionist and owner/founder of Bonafide Provisions. Sharon had a thriving nutrition practice of her own and has graciously passed down her wealth of knowledge to Claire (which Claire will be forever grateful for).

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