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A year after I had my first born son, I was still hanging onto excess baby weight that I couldn’t seem to shake. It was time for me to make some lifestyle changes. I embarked on a paleo journey and the weight fell off. As a self-proclaimed foodie and wannabe chef, I had to learn to adapt my culinary ways to satisfy my taste buds, while adhering to my new healthy lifestyle. A New Jersey native, I had a deep love of all things breaded. Knowing bread was no longer an option (except on occasion) I created my very own all natural, gluten free, keto, paleo bread crumb alternative. After sharing my creation with all my family and friends to countless satisfied taste buds, I knew I couldn’t keep this secret to myself, alas, Nut Crumbs was born! I am passionate about healthy living and yummy food. Nut Crumbs is committed to producing a delicious bread crumb alternative using only the best ingredients. Eat well, from my kitchen to yours. -Susan Laughlin, Founder

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