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The meal planning tool on FoodSocial is a powerful, interactive, and mobile-friendly tool that allows you to drag and drop your favorite recipes into a fully customizable meal plan, which also generates a shopping list for you!

How to use the Meal Planner

1. Register or Login for FoodSocial

You will receive a verification email, which contains a special link you’ll need to follow to complete the registration process.


2. View any recipe on our site and click  the  “+”  to add a recipe to your favorites

These will be stored with your account, which you can use in the meal planner. (You can also upload your own recipes)


3. Click “meal planner” in the top menu under Meal Plans

View the meal planner to see your favorite recipes and any meal planning you’ve been working on.


4. Select a meal plan, or create your own

To create your own, just drag and drop recipes from Recipes (your saved favorites) into the Meal Plan.

Your recipes are organized by category, and provide you with quick information to help make meal planning easier. You’ll see how much each recipe makes (which you can change), how long it’ll take to make the recipe, and there is also a quick link to view the recipe easily.


5. Customize the plan

  • Change serving sizes
  • Swap out recipes
  • Rearrange days
  • Add or delete days

In the Meal Plans (center column), you can change serving sizes of recipes, and it will reflect updated values in your shopping list. You can also add or delete days, and rearrange them. If you want to do a whole month’s meal planning in one shot, go for it! It could also be equally useful if you are planning a menu for a large gathering. Simply save recipes to your favorites, drag them into the meal planner, then shop with one click. It couldn’t be easier!

6. Generate a Shopping List

  • Add additional ingredients
  • Delete ingredients you already have
  • Print your list, or email it to yourself!

In the right column, you’ll see ingredients you need organized by type. If you know you have a certain ingredient, you can delete it from the shopping list to avoid confusion. Once you’re ready, click Print or email it yourself.



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We want everyone to know about and to enjoy this free tool! You won’t find a better meal planner online!