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Vegan Banana Protein Pancakes

Refined sugar-free and so delicious, you’d never guess by the taste and texture that these simple Vegan Banana Protein Pancakes are egg-free and dairy-free. I’ve been making these for my boys for years. They absolutely love them. You will too. View Recipe

Easy Authentic Falafels (Baked & Fried options)

Falafels, popular in Middle-Eastern, Egyptian and Levantine cuisines are made up of chickpeas, herbs, onions and spices. These perfect little balls are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. All you need is 10 ingredients to make this delicious Vegan, Gluten-free appetizer/ snack. Add it to b... View Recipe

Easiest Homemade Tres Leches Cake

This is the cake I bring to every office Potluck. Why? Because it is easy to make, delicious and feeds a large group (although at my home, it feeds only 2). Tres Leches (literal translation 3 milk) cake starts with an airy, light sponge cake that is then soaked in a mixture of 3 different types of m... View Recipe

Instant Semolina Snack (Paniyaram)

This Instant Semolina snack is called Rava/ Sooji Appe or Paniyaram depending on which region of India this is made in and typically contains Semolina (Rava/ Sooji), Yogurt, Water and a tempering of some aromatics. You could totally add some finely chopped veggies to make these more nutrient dense. ... View Recipe

Tequila Lime Chicken Bowl

This easy and tasty recipe utilizes the tequila lime chicken marinade I posted last week. It is a one pan meal full of flavor and healthy protein and veggies. You can serve it over rice or cauliflower rice if desired. View Recipe

Better than Store-bought Hummus

Hummus, a popular spread/ dip from the Middle East and Mediterranean regions is made with Chickpeas, Tahini, Lemon and Spices. It is Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free and Plant-based Whole30 compatible. While Hummus is now readily available in most stores, I highly recommend you make it at home. It is ... View Recipe

Lemony Chickpea Orzo Soup

This Lemony Chickpea Orzo Soup is great to make on the weekends and portion for lunches throughout the week. It's a light, refreshing vegan recipe that's equal parts bright and hearty. You'll want to save this one for soup season, or enjoy it as a summer meal ... because it's always soup weather wit... View Recipe

Grilled Focaccia Steak Sandwich

Grilled Focaccia Steak Sandwich. The perfect summer sandwich filled with thinly sliced steak, basil mayo, tomato, lettuce and burrata. Make these perfectly seasoned steaks on the grill or open fire. Topped with primal palate steak seasoning and basted in butter for extra flavor.   View Recipe

Peach Mousse

A "peachy" variation of my Passion Fruit Mousse that just had to be made! I've used a few different peach varieties here, so typically you can use your favorite. Lemon Elberta or Red Haven are carried by our local orchard and two standouts for us. It's one of the easiest fruit mousse's you will ever... View Recipe

Chipotle Chicken Chopped Salad

The perfect way to use a little bit of leftover Chipotle Honey Grilled Chicken (hey, sometimes leftovers can happen) along with a few other "fridge forage" additions! Chipotle is one of my most favorite flavors and after sharing the new grilled chicken recipe recently, this salad was a must to try w... View Recipe

Prep Ahead Smash Tacos

I think what I loved most about these tacos is that I could prep everything ahead of time and when guests were ready to eat, I could just fire up the flat top grill and have hot food in front of them in minutes! The tacos can be greasy depending upon your beef and cheese choices, but with these taco... View Recipe

FoodSocial Launches Recipe-Driven Marketplace Built by Creators

Today, FoodSocial officially launched its new, recipe-driven, integrated online marketplace. The marketplace allows food brands to sell products directly to FoodSocial's community of home cooks through contextual placements within trusted creator recipes.FoodSocial is now the only recipe-... Continue Reading

That's Delicious Co-Host, Back Porch Paleo

A chance to know That's Delicious Co-Host Michelle Daniels, of Back Porch Paleo. We dive into Michelle's early food memories and how they've impacted her relationship with food and recipe creation, as well as the changes she and her family have had to make along the way. We also get to learn ab... Continue Reading

Wholesome & Easy Gluten Free Recipes to Try!

Whether you're diving into gluten free eats or simply after some flavorful dishes sans gluten, I've compiled some wholesome and approachable recipes for you. Being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2013 opened up a world of gluten free living for me, all without compromising on flavor - and I'm so ha... Continue Reading