FoodSocial Launches Recipe-Driven Marketplace Built by Creators

Today, FoodSocial officially launched its new, recipe-driven, integrated online marketplaceThe marketplace allows food brands to sell products directly to FoodSocial’s community of home cooks through contextual placements within trusted creator recipes.

FoodSocial is now the only recipe-driven marketplace built by creators. These trusted recipe creators connect directly with their communities and share recipes that cater to diverse dietary needs (Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Whole30, and more). FoodSocial has seen its user community rapidly grow this year (430%) as it introduces more featured creators and innovative food brands into its marketplace every day.

Brands benefit from high-ROI, automated, contextual product placements within over 5,000+ trusted recipes. Seamless and contextual product integration ensures brands reach potential buyers at the golden moment: when they’re inspired and ready to cook. The platform features free meal planning and shopping from major retailers like Instacart, Amazon/Whole Foods, and Thrive Market (in addition to the newly announced FoodSocial Market).

FoodSocial is connecting recipe creators, home cooks, and food brands.

  • For creators. FoodSocial is the home for a diverse community of Creators, providing a robust platform to share their culinary creations, monetize them, and connect with a community of like-minded collaborators, brands, and consumers.
  • For brands. Brands join FoodSocial to benefit from high-ROI contextual product placements and sales. Their products display automatically on thousands of trusted recipes, appearing as helping shopping suggestions to consumers. Seamless product integration ensures brands reach potential buyers at the golden moment: when they’re inspired and ready to cook.
  • For home cooks and food lovers. Home cooks explore FoodSocial confidently, knowing that each recipe comes from a hand-curated creator, emphasizing quality over virality. FoodSocial offers robust meal planning and shopping list creation features, all for free.

Recipes are the #1 driver of new food product trials—and it’s the Recipe Creator who shapes the trends in this market. “I’ve seen the challenges facing both sides of this market, with 15 years running Primal Palate, a consumer-facing food product brand that leverages our influencer status, creating recipes that drive our own product sales,” stated Bill Staley, Co-founder and CEO.

“When we started food blogging nearly 15 years ago, we could build an audience and a business, making a career out of working hard at what we loved. Today, recipe creators face far more challenging conditions as social media platforms profit off their work, shield them from their audiences, and manipulate their reach by algorithms that favor virality over quality. FoodSocial is built by creators, with a common love of food and learning of the rich diversity of all dietary needs and cuisines,” continued Staley.

About FoodSocial

FoodSocial is the only recipe-driven marketplace built by creators, connecting food lovers, home cooks, creators, and innovative food brands. It’s like having your favorite foodie influencers, recipe blogs, and a grocery store all in one delicious and convenient place.

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