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We are a passionate community of creators, challenging the status quo of how recipes are shared socially. We believe Creators deserve to connect with their followers without barriers or unfair algorithms, and to have multiple ways to earn money from their recipes.

Join our community, where your recipes matter and your efforts are valued.

We empower creators, and help expand their influence with brands and followers.

FoodSocial is building the world’s best social food platform, with a focus on providing recipe creators with new, sustainable outlets to monetize, grow, and collaborate.

Creators deserve to have easy ways to monetize their recipes, collaborate with brands, and reach their audience.

“FoodSocial makes it easy to have the functionality of a food blog with a fraction of the work. I am most impressed with how easy it is to upload recipes with just a few simple clicks and link them meal plans and shopping lists. FoodSocial helped me to drive traffic to recipes that were not ranking on my website by making them SEO-compatible and helping them to rank high in search results.”

-Althea Brown, Metemgee

Here’s why you should join.

Monetize your Recipes

Creators have multiple ways to monetize recipes on FoodSocial. The more people view your recipes, the more potential revenue as a Creator.

Connect with Brands​

Our community of Brands is eager to collaborate with and support Creators on FoodSocial. If you ever wanted an easy-button way to connect with many brands, this is it!

Reach your Audience

It’s your audience, so your followers should see your content when they visit. You deserve to have a way to share your new content with people who have chosen to follow you. It’s that simple.

We are a community of creators.

Our platform isn’t just a place to share recipes, it’s a community where passionate creators like you thrive. We’ve got your back when it comes to reaching a broader audience, earning from your creations, and ensuring that your recipes keep giving back long after you post them.


That’s Delicious is a creator-run podcast sharing stories of culture, comfort food, tradition, and the recipes that make our tastebuds and hearts happy.

FoodSocial Feeds

A virtual food drive (over 5,000 items donated in 2023!) focused on giving back to our communities all over the US.

Town Halls

Once a quarter, we bring our community of creators and brands together to discuss how to best serve one another in growing FoodSocial.

FoodSocial is for you. Join us!

We are built by creators, for creators. We know how to help you grow your audience, monetize your content, and connect with brands. Join our growing community!