Leftover Turkey Salad

Perfect for after Thanksgiving and Christmas! This recipe is great for using up your leftover turkey from the holidays and it's so easy to make! This flavor-packed recipe is paleo, gluten free, dairy free, Whole30, and can be made low carb/keto! This recipe can easily be halved if you don't have 2 whole pounds of turkey leftover or if you just want to make a smaller portion.
9 minutes
1 minute
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Fat:40 g
Carbohydrates:26 g
Protein:30 g
Cholesterol:90 g
Sodium:819 mg
Fiber:4 g
Sugars:11 g
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Serves: 8-10

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  1. Place all ingredients in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Mix gently with a silicone spatula until combined.
  3. Use right away or refrigerate for about 4 hours to allow flavors to meld.


*For a lower carb option, I suggest replacing the apple with asian pear. Most asian pears are very low in sugar. If these are still too much sugar for your diet, I suggest replacing the apple with jicama. You still get a nice juicy crunch, but they're super low in sugar. Jicama will add about 10g net carbs to the entire recipe. // **For low carb and keto, I suggest making your own keto-friendly dried cranberries using a recipe like this one! If you're not feeling that ambitious, you can just omit the dried cranberries altogether. 

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