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Mesa de Vida’s brand mission is to provide elevated, healthful, convenient, inclusive and innovative mealtime solutions that connect and inspire. As a chef, Chef Kirsten Sandoval spent years studying the recipes, techniques, and flavors from the vibrant cuisines around the world where many of her clients came from. She worked hard to bring her clients the authentic dishes and flavors of their home or heritage in a healthy way. This usually meant prepping tons of ingredients, devoting hours to making a single dish, and spending a small fortune on pure spices and herbs. She began creating blender sauces that combine whole ingredients with lots of nutrients, easier clean up, and happy clients! How amazing it would be to have something quick, healthy, and flavorful on hand to make dinner for her own family! It was exactly what she had been looking for, and she knew she couldn’t be the only one with this need. Now Mesa de Vida is here to help you cook and bring life to your table!

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