Hosted by Michelle Daniels and Pooja Parikh, together we’ll enjoy heartfelt and tasty conversations, sitting around a virtual dinner table, where we visit about the language we all speak and enjoy: Food! Join us as we share stories of culture, tradition, comfort food & the recipes that make not only our taste buds happy, but our hearts as well.

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Ep 26: Sadie Olsen, Founder and CEO of Otto’s Naturals

Sadie Olsen, Founder and CEO of Otto’s Naturals, candidly shares about her experiences with food intolerance, experimenting with different types of grain-free flours, and how it led to developing a high performing non-GMO cassava flour. Her goal is to make grain-free baking and cooking more accessible, and to once again bring families together around the table.

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Ep 25: Maria Hensinger, Stillwood Kitchen

Maria Hensinger is the Italian-American recipe creator behind Stillwood Kitchen. Maria’s Italian heritage has long inspired her in the kitchen, but she had to pivot about a decade ago to a gluten-free lifestyle to support her health. However, she hasn’t allowed being gluten-free to take away from sharing her Italian favorites with not only her family, but with the world as well.

Ep 24: Kirsten Sandoval, Founder and CEO of Mesa de Vida

Kirsten Sandoval is the chef and founder of Mesa de Vida globally inspired cooking sauces. Food and entrepreneurship may be in Kirsten’s DNA, but she has worked intentionally and endlessly to build Mesa de Vida over the course of many years of experience, research, and trial and error. Her goal is to increase diversity on grocery store shelves, and make diverse flavors more accessible in the kitchen.

Ep 23: Matt Weinstein, Glass of Weinstein

Matt Weinstein is the queer and Jewish creator behind Glass of Weinstein. At first glance, his platform is based on recipe creation (amazing gluten-free recipes at that) and celiac disease education—but the deeper you look, the more you see his commitment to advocacy and creating a safe space for people of all backgrounds.

Ep 22: Althea Brown, Metemgee

Althea Brown is the cookbook author and Guyanese creator behind popular food blog Metemgee. Food has long been part of Althea’s story, with her earliest food memories involving being in the kitchen with her grandmothers. Now, through food, Althea carefully weaves her Guyanese heritage into her children’s lives and hopes to pass along the rich cultural legacy that she was raised with.

Ep 21: John Wood, Founder and CEO of US Wellness Meats

John Wood, Founder and CEO of US Wellness Meats, is a wealth of information about regenerative farming and the rich history that has shaped the meat industry in the United States. His passion and vision for the work he does with US Wellness Meats is clear, and you’ll find yourself with a new appreciation for the amount of effort that goes into sustainably sourced meat.

Ep 20: Kara Barrett, Kiowa Foodie

Kara Barrett, Native American creator behind Kiowa Foodie, has been intentional in her adult life about reconnecting to her ancestry and reclaiming her cultural roots. She explains the significance of the Food Sovereignty Movement and the impact it has had on her journey. She uses her Native American background to influence and inspire the way she explores food and creates recipes.

Ep 19: Michael Giuga, Magic Mikey’s Kitchen

Michael Giuga from Magic Mikey’s Kitchen openly shares about his journey from acting to recipe creating, and how playing with food allows him to access his creative side. He emphasizes approachable recipes because he wants people to feel comfortable in the kitchen, and he is all about creating MAGIC (and teaching you to do the same!).

Ep 18: Autumn Michaelis, Whole Food For 7

As a mother of 5 boys, Autumn of Whole Food For 7 talks about her family’s journey as they’ve addressed their relationship with food throughout the years. She also leads an important discussion about food accessibility and is extremely intentional about creating approachable recipes, both in budget and in time.

Ep 17: Jessica DeMay, Real Food with Jessica

Jessica DeMay of Real Food with Jessica shares candidly about her discovery of cooking as a teenager and how it led to where she is today as a recipe creator. In many ways, her relationship with food has mirrored her life journey; and she has learned to listen to her intuition, which has allowed her to show up authentically in all areas of her life.

Ep 16: Gemma Aguayo-Murphy, Everyday Latina

A coffee chat with Gemma Aguayo-Murphy, Mexican recipe creator behind Everyday Latina. Gemma comes from a rich cultural and family background, and she takes pride in sharing stories of her culture through food. She works hard to illuminate the authenticity of flavors in Mexican food that have been lost in translation over the years, and to carry on that legacy with her family.

Ep 15: Mayra Luz Colón, Healthy Rican

An open conversation with Mayra Luz Colón, founder of Latin spice brand Healthy Rican. Though she was a picky eater as a child in Puerto Rico, her love and appreciation for her culture’s cuisine grew as she got older. It eventually led her down the path to creating her own spice blends to make healthy Latin cooking more accessible, which is now known as Healthy Rican!

Ep 14: Kayla Cappiello, Easy Allergy-Free Cooking

Kayla Cappiello is the dairy- and gluten-free food blogger and author of Easy Allergy-Free Cooking. Kayla was diagnosed with multiple food allergies and restrictions in high school and college, and started sharing her recipes as a way to document her journey and hopefully connect with others. What she didn’t expect was that so many would relate to her journey, and she would become a beacon for those navigating the same issues.

Ep 13: Morgan Peaceman, NoMaste Hungry

Morgan Peaceman is the recipe creator behind NoMaste Hungry, a space for beautifully approachable recipes that always deliver in style and taste. A love for the kitchen has been passed down through generations in her family, and she proudly carries on this legacy. Morgan also talks about what it means to be true to yourself in a social media world that idolizes “going viral.”

Ep 12: Dave Cohen, Paleoish

David Cohen of Paleoish is a recipe creator whose focus is on developing insanely delicious recipes while maintaining a lifestyle balance. He firmly believes in the importance of the “ish” in paleoish and creating space for moderation. Dave is 100% himself at all times, and he’s open about his successes and failures, while always leaving room for gratitude. Fun fact: he competed on Guy’s Grocery Games in 2019!

Ep 11: Alli Heiman, alli’s appetite

Alli Heiman was diagnosed with celiac disease as a young adult and talks about her diagnosis, what it was like to give up foods she loved, and how she has navigated life with celiac. She’s the creator behind Alli’s Appetite and shares lots of gluten free recipes, hacks, products, and more (you don’t want to miss her daily coffee chats!). She even created a celiac crash course to help others feel less alone when they’re first diagnosed and aims to be a reliable resource for the gluten free community.

Ep 10: Katie Stymiest, Caked by Katie

Katie Stymiest of Caked by Katie was our Popular Vote winner for FoodSocial’s Chocolate Reimagined Bake Off with Primal Palate and Pascha Chocolate! Baking is part of who Katie is, and some of her earliest memories involve baking with her mom. She proudly carries on this legacy with her children. What you’ll learn about Katie is how warm and personable she is, some fun facts you might not know, and her affinity for fun flavor combinations (like chocolate and Doritos!).

Ep 9: Colleen Forton, colleenshealthylife

Colleen Forton of colleenshealthylife was our Sponsors’ Choice winner for the FoodSocial’s Chocolate Reimagined Bake Off! She has learned through personal experience the impact that nutrition plays on health, and she’s extremely passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. Colleen loves putting healthy twists on classic recipes, and involves her children in the kitchen with her too so they can learn by her side. Find Colleen’s award-winning Vegan Snickers Cheesecake linked below, along with her copycat Cookie Crisp and (new) copycat Oatmeal Cream Pies!

Ep 8: Reed Dunn, Pesto and Potatoes

A conversation with Reed Dunn, creator behind Pesto and Potatoes. Reed has loved all things food and cooking from a young age, influenced to be in the kitchen by the strong women in his life. He observes a pescatarian diet because that’s how he feels his best; and he provides many tips on cooking seafood for novices like us who might find it intimidating! He manages to talk about what’s important to him while keeping it lighthearted and funny, and his #1 goal is to get people back into the kitchen.

Ep 7: Courtenay Vuchnich, Pascha Chocolate Founder

A conversation with Courtenay Vuchnich, fellow foodie and founder of Pascha Chocolate. We learn about the impact her childhood had on her values and the way she has built her business. Her passion for everything she does with Pascha and beyond is palpable, and she’s changing the chocolate industry, one bar at a time.

Ep 6: Ronny Lvovski, Primal Gourmet

A cozy chat with Ronny Lvovski, the popular recipe creator behind Primal Gourmet. From learning to cook by watching The Food Network as a young boy, to earning his PhD, to writing a cookbook and cooking for an audience of over a million, Ronny has been the picture of adaptability. He tells us about how he’s managed to adapt to life’s curveballs while also remaining true to himself; and details the role food has played in his life.

Ep 5: Jaime Foster, Georgia Grinders Founder

A chat with Jaime Foster, founder of nut butter company Georgia Grinders. Jaime has been a foodie long before the word even existed, with a sophisticated palate since she was young. She is passionate about the intersection of food and health, and her grandfather’s almond butter recipe inspired her to start her business. Jaime takes immense pride in the quality of her products, the culture of her company, and her ability to learn from each challenge she faces along the way.

Ep 4: Jean Choi, What Great Grandma Ate

An informal chat with Jean Choi, founder of popular recipe blog What Great Grandma Ate. Jean is proud of her Korean heritage and works hard to incorporate it into her children’s lives as well, carrying on the legacy she was raised with. She is a multi-faceted person, and you’ll quickly see that there’s more to her than food blogging–but don’t say I didn’t warn you, you will leave this conversation hungry!

Ep 3: Jason Burke, The New Primal & Noble Made Founder

Jason Burke is the pioneer and founder of The New Primal and Noble Made, thoughtfully sourced products intended to make snacking and cooking both easier and healthier than ever. We chat about his family memories around food and how they’ve inspired the culture within his brand, as well as their concept of Return to the Table and the importance of connecting over food.

Ep 2: Pooja Parikh, That’s Delicious Co-Host

Learn all about That’s Delicious Co-Host Pooja Parikh. From her early food memories, to her health journey and challenges, to how they’ve impacted the way she eats now. She discusses her close relationship with her family and the way they’ve carried her through her darkest times, along with her ability to adapt to new dietary changes.

Ep 1: Michelle Daniels, That’s Delicious Co-Host

A chance to know That’s Delicious Co-Host Michelle Daniels, of Back Porch Paleo. We dive into Michelle’s early food memories and how they’ve impacted her relationship with food and recipe creation, as well as the changes she and her family have had to make along the way. We also get to learn about why it’s so meaningful for Michelle to be a podcast host, and how impactful this opportunity has been for her.