Chopped Smoked Salmon Egg Salad Bagel (Edit recipe)

This chopped smoked salmon egg salad is jam packed with flavor and wonderful textures, and it's amazing eaten as a bagelwich or a sandwich. You'll love the combination of crunchy and creamy in one bite!
5 minutes
5 minutes
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Fat:52 g
Carbohydrates:3 g
Protein:11 g
Cholesterol:63 g
Sodium:1236 mg
Fiber:0 g
Sugars:1 g
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Serves: 1

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  1. Halve the bagel and use a toaster or a toaster oven to toast the bagel to your liking.
  2. On a cutting board, place eggs, smoked salmon, mayo, lemon juice, mustard, dill, salt, and pepper together. You can add in red onion and capers to this as well, but I like to add these later on for more texture.
  3. Use a sharp knife to chop everything together until uniform in size and combined well.
  4. Scrape up the mixture and spread on the bottom of the toasted bagel. If you didn't add them before, add onion and capers on top of the mixture.
  5. Close the sandwich with the top slice of the bagel.
  6. Slice in half, and enjoy!

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