Spring Rainbow Salad (Edit recipe)

Not only does this recipe have 6 different veggies, but I also use farro which is one of my favorite grains! It has a good source of protein, fiber and iron, has a nice nutty flavor, and the BEST chewy texture. It is the best grain you can use for this salad, but of course, you can substitute if necessary. I also use marinated artichokes and use the whole jar (marinade included) as the base dressing for this salad, and then add some lemon juice. Easy, fresh and delicious for spring and summer. Sometimes I eat it plain, a lot of times I add protein, and sometimes it's a great side dish at a bbq or for dinner.
15 minutes
15 minutes
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Fat:1 g
Carbohydrates:9 g
Protein:1 g
Cholesterol:0 g
Sodium:38 mg
Fiber:1 g
Sugars:0 g
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Serves: 8

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  1. 1. Cook farro according to package instructions (you can also use the whole package of farro)!
  2. 2. Chop all of your veggies and saute in a pan until just softened.
  3. 3. In a large bowl, combine farro, veggies, marinated artichokes (with the marinade) and lemon juice.
  4. 4. Toss to combine.
  5. 5. Serve immediately or keep in the fridge.
  6. For Serving: I also recommend serving with shaved parmesan (or cheese of choice) when warm. It slightly melts and just gives a little more flavor/salt!

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